About Us

New Construction

Here at Wolff Electric we can customize your electrical from the ground up. This picture above shows a new house under construction. 

Got knob and Tube wiring in your house?

We are regularly asked to replace old wiring systems like knob and tube and, aluminum wiring, for new electrical wiring as per 2017 electrical code. 

If you have knob and tube or auluminum wiring in your home and are concerned of the potential hazards it may pose, feel free to email me or call me to discuss possible steps in cleaning it up. 

Want to retrofit your home woth LED bulbs?

There are three reasons to switch to LED;

  1. No maintenance on the bulb (should last approximately 5-10 years)
  2. Sugnificant decress in electricity bill (only 6watts instead of 60watts)
  3. Very little heat given off by the bulb